Clinical Conceptual Comprehensive Revision of Biochemistry (CCR)

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Your Biochemistry Blueprint for Victory

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Topics Covered in the Book

Cellular Biochemistry

Cell types, Cell organelles and their functions, Cell cycle, Fibrous protein such as collagen structure, synthesis and associated disorders.


Vitamins and Mineral metabolism and their deficiency diseases, Protein Energy Malnutrition, Alcohol metabolism, PUFAs

Fed-Fasting concepts

Smile formulas for understanding metabolic regulation, metabolic fuels and processes under fed, fasting and diabetic states, Respiratory quotient, Different diets and their constituents, Enzyme regulation.


Study enzyme kinetics, body buffers, acid-base disorders, heme synthesis, catabolism, and jaundice for a comprehensive understanding of biochemical processes and clinical implications.

Molecular biology and Genetic Techniques

Nucleotide processes, inhibitors, disorders; DNA replication, repair; transcription, translation; operon model; DNA markers; PCR, blotting, CRISPR; karyotyping, FISH, microarray; flow cytometry; molecular cloning; ELISA.

Genetics Basics and Genetic Disorders

Chromosomes organization, Gene and alleles, Nucleic acids and Types of DNA and RNA, RNA Interference, Co-dominance & incomplete dominance, Mendelian & Non-Mendelian Inheritance, Epigenetics and Genomic imprinting

Salient features of Book

1. Designed for students preparing for USMLE, NEET PG, INICET, FMGE exam and MBBS 1st Prof students.

2. Cover all high yielding biochemistry topics pertaining to any Medical examination

3. Effectively summarize the video course by Dr. Smily Pruthi

4. Includes summary tables of various metabolic disorders and vitamin deficiency diseases

5. "How to Remember" boxes with tips to memorize difficult biochemistry facts

6. NEXT/USMLE style long clinical case type questions at the end of each chapter

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